Saturday, 20 May 2017


What do they say? Measure twice cut once?  When I started the login for the pencil case I only eyeballed the width and in true Kiwi fashion "she'll be right".   But she wasn't!  Far too wide for a pencil case.
Nothing daunted I carried on, as if further depth would somehow negate the width problem.   It didn't!
So a quick trip to OfficeMax for a notebook and the pencil case will become the book cover.
Next I measured and tacked on a new base layout for a pencil case and made a start.   This WILL be a success - I hope.
And you know what - pattern darning such as this kogin has resurrected my old shoulder problems and I have a very painful right shoulder.   Don't tell the DBEM as I have to help her with her knitting quite often too😀
But I had a very enjoyable time with Ian Rankin last night - well worth the walk into the city and the student-filled bus home.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Welcome Home

Today I took annual leave so as to devote a whole day to "life administration" and very successful it has been too.
A hair cut, shopping, dentist and then to collect my old friend Elna from the repair shop.
She is sewing quietly and smoothly and I am very pleased to have her back.   At a cost of $190 for her overhaul, I figure her upkeep to be $10 per year I have known her.   She's not an expensive friend:-)
Talking of friends, I did a favour for a colleague at work and she presented me with these beautiful tulips.   Feels strange to have Spring flowers indoors when outside the golden colours of Autumn are predominant.
Tonight I am off to the City for a date with Ian Rankin - well more honestly, he is to give a lecture as part of the Readers and Writers Festival and as an ardent Inspector Rebus fan I couldn't possibly miss a date with Ian.
Tomorrow I hope to have an update on the Kogin Pencil Case Fiasco....

Sunday, 14 May 2017

And off we go...

Yesterday I made a start on the Kogin and am quite pleased with the way this is turning out.  The black thread looks a great contrast on the ecru linen
The front, or what I have determined as front is darker
But Kogin is great that the back looks as good as the front.
This is highly addictive.  I'm off to do some more now.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The next "adventure"

Some years ago I received an embroidered pencil case from my boss' wife.   It has been in regular use in my handbag ever since.   But alas!  The inside has a plastic-feel fused lining which now is rather sticky to touch.   Time for a new one.
I dug through my stash knowing that I had no navy fabric suitable but this ecru lugana should serve the purpose.  
DMC perle #8 in black should give a suitable contrast.  And if I cannot imitate the embroidery from the case itself, this book of Kogin patterns should surely provide something :-)
I have microsuede for lining and a zip and matching binding so this little project will cost me nothing but time.
So when my hardanger is I go on Japanese kogin adventure.

Monday, 8 May 2017

A bit of this a bit of that

The knitting made progress.   Well, to be more grammatically correct, I made progress on the knitting.  The back is finished which is the signal - time for some stitching.
So it's back to the green diamonds!   But the end of this project is in sight too.  This arrangement seems to be working for me.   A short break gives added impetus.
Tonight I planted some sweet pea seeds with which I hope to bring pleasure to the DBEM in a few months time.
And I cooked this ginormus lump of meat that the beef cattle on Little Brother's mini-farm generously gave me:-)   The DBEM and I will feed on this for several days!
Last weekend was my 6 weekly grocery shop.   The DBEM likes wheatmeal sandwich bread and although the "proper" brand is nearly $4 a loaf, home brand is $1.   But happy dance - on Saturday I struck a bargain.  Guess what is filling up my freezer now:-)   I've always been a little envious of the "yellow sticker" bargains my UK friends talk about as we never seem to get those bargains here.  For a producing nation, New Zealand food costs are high.   But on this occasion I won.  Hooray!
And now it's back to needle and thread.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Difficult to satisfy?

When I sew I think of all the projects I want to embroider.  When I embroider I think of all the items on my knitting list. And when I knit I think of all I need to sew.   Currently I am in stage three of my cycle:-)
Knitting is going well and ball of yarn number one is almost finished. A progress shot.
My doctor sent me a letter.  Well it was actually a paper to take to the blood test nurse.  So this morning off I went at 8am just as it opened.  Convinced I would be first, I was shocked to see a queue stretching out the door and up the street.  Just when I don't really have time to fit everything in today.
But I am not totally dissatisfied.   I left work early Thursday to visit my old boss who is recovering from major surgery and so I missed our "site meeting" at work.   To be honest I completely forgot about it.   So it was a surprise to arrive at work Friday and find this in my desk!   Although I feel a fraud being rewarded for doing what is my job it sure is nice to be appreciated:-)

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Owari. Finito, The End

Christmas Bling has been added and the Heirloom Nativity Sampler is now finished.
Whether or not it becomes an heirloom is debatable but satisfaction is high at having ticked this one off the list.
Small pearl beads, white stars and a red heart

Gold and bronze petit beads

And I am beaded out!   No more beads for me.   I'm ready to start something new so what's next on the list?   A navy woolen cardigan which I need to have ready by the end of August.   Off we go...